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[Austen Ivereigh] Francis spent Friday evening and Saturday in Uganda, urging people to build on the example of its famous martyrs, and listening to harrowing stories of suffering. On his arrival, Pope Francis at the State House in Entebbe linked the … Continue reading

What is Catholic Voices?

Catholic Voices is a project which began in the UK to improve the Church's representation in the media, above all in news programs and debates. It started in 2010 with the six-month training of 24 lay people and a priest in preparation for the UK visit of Pope Benedict XVI. Our appearances on over 100 ...

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After the Synod: The Future for Marriage and Family in the Church

After one of the most contentious and talked-about synods in modern church history, what is the future for the Church’s pastoral strategy for marriage and family? Austen Ivereigh, who was present in Rome throughout the synod, reporting and analyzing for various outlets, gave a behind-the-scenes analysis of the...

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Catholic Voices Public Speaking Programme Scotland 2015/16

Catholic Voices  Public Speaking Programme Scotland 2015/16

  What is it? Public speaking training aims to prepare speakers for parishes, university chaplaincies, sixth-forms, public debates and so on. Like Catholic Voices media training, this will be a highly practical course: an introduction to the central skills of public speaking, from structuring a talk to holding an audience to dealing with questions, all highly transferable skills!  This programme is modelled on the training given to Catholic Voices speakers in London earl...

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Catholic Voices training starts in Malta

Catholic Voices training starts in Malta

Malta has become the seventeenth country to join the Catholic Voices international team. The new group was launched earlier this month, with CV coordinators Jack Valero and Dan Hitchens travelling from London for the October 8-10 training. On Sunday, the Maltese CVs – a team of 14 including a lawyer, a graphic designer, and a number of students – met the Archbishop of Malta, Charles Scicluna, who is renowned for his work on bringing child abusers to justice. He spoke of h...

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Preparing for the U.S. visit: Catholic Voices interviews

Preparing for the U.S. visit: Catholic Voices interviews

The Pope flies today from Santiago de Cuba to Washington D.C. for his five-day U.S. visit. We have prepared a series of podcasts by Austen Ivereigh, who was in Chicago and Philadelphia in the last week of August, to prepare for the trip.   Austen first talked to Fr Manuel Dorantes who will be assisting the Vatican spokesman, Fr Federico Lombardi, in the press conferences during the trip: interview   He then spoke to the ‘Pope editor' of the Philadelphia Inq...

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BBC News - Caroline Farrow on Gay Priest's Letter to the Pope


BBC News - Fiona Mansfield on Gay Priest's Letter to the Pope



Premier Christian Radio - Dominic Burbidge on Pope Francis's visit to Africa 26/11/2015

BBC Radio 4 Today - Jack Valero on Journalists on trial in the Vatican 24/11/2015

Relevant Radio - Austen Ivereigh on the latest edition of 'How to Defend the Faith without Raising Your Voice' 17/11/2015


The Irish Catholic - CV Greg Daly on the Irish marriage referendum 30/04/2015

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How to defend the faith without raising your voice

Austen Ivereigh

Our Sunday Visitor

Since it was first released, How to defend the faith without raising your voice has given Catholics worldwide a new w...

‘Who Know Where They Stand’: Catholic Voices and the Papal Visit to the UK

Jack Valero

Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome)

A few months before Pope Benedict XVI arrived in the UK for his historic visit, the Catholic Voices project set out to ensure t...

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