Catholic Voices Launches in Trinidad and Tobago

In March 2015, Catholic Voices was formally launched in Trinidad and Tobago – the fifteenth country to join the Catholic Voices international team.

Catholic Voices UK co-founder, Jack Valero, recently travelled to Port of Spain to train the first twelve speakers. The first cohort of Catholic Voices Trinidad and Tobago is a diverse team of eight women and four men: students of psychology, business and fashion, as well as a lawyer, an accountant, an engineer, and a teacher.

Training took place over three days in March and was devoted to identifying neuralgic issues in the media and developing strategies to approach each subject area. Trainees were interviewed for both television and radio by a well-known local journalist. The Catholic Voices approach was stressed throughout training: the media is not the Church’s enemy, but offers Catholics an opportunity to enter into dialogue and share our side of the story.

Two participants commented on their experience of training:

"Catholic voices training helped me to see the positives in all situations and provided me with great ways to not only talk to the media, but also speak out in daily life with peers. It is beautiful to know that I am part of a global organization that is eager to inform people of the truth through modern media."

"Catholic Voices training is not about having the answers for the world's problems. It is knowing the true good and beautiful things about our faith and telling people this good news in a media friendly manner. Reframing, as a method - actually changes your own and other people’s perspectives about events. I feel so hopeful about the Church after sharing this common experience with others."

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