Catholic Voices Launches in Scotland

2014 is the first year that Catholic Voices has recruited in Scotland, having obtained the blessing of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference. Four people have been selected for training from Glasgow, Edinburgh, East Lothian, and Renfrewshire.

The National Speakers’ Training began with the English and Scottish trainees coming together in London in mid-September, and continued on November 1 when CV Coordinators Jack Valero and Kathleen Griffin travelled to Glasgow, where training took place using radio and television facilities at City of Glasgow College. A professional interviewer questioned each trainee about the laicisation of the Polish former-Archbishop Josef Wesolowski. This was followed by panel-style interviews about the Synod on the Family. A welcome reflection on witnessing to the Catholic Faith – offered by Fr. Brendan Slevin OP – added a spiritual dimension to the training.

Two reframing sessions took place later in November. The first focused on religious freedom and Catholic schooling, with the trainees sharing arguments and personal experiences of how faith schools can make a contribution to the wider common good of society. The second session looked at the Synod on the Family, with trainees focusing on how the Church's teaching on marriage works for the good of all, and discussing the challenges faced by the Church in proclaiming this teaching today.

The course will end with the residential retreat in mid-December where the Scottish and English trainees will come together again.

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