Academy considers common-good case against same-sex 'marriage'

More than 70 people on Tuesday night heard the common-good case against the proposed introduction of same-sex "marriage".

David Quinn of the Iona Institute told the Catholic Voices Academy that the status of marriage 'discriminates' against every other type of human relationship, because only marriage is ranked as a social institution.

What justifies marking it off from other kinds of committed or sexual relationships is that only the relationship between a man and a woman is capable of giving a child both a mother and a father. The state, he said, was right to seek to protect and promote an institution which was uniquely beneficial to children and therefore society. 

He said same-sex marriage introduces another kind of discrimination -- privileging sexual relationships over other kinds of relationships - which cannot be justified. Hear Quinn's 15-minute address under 'radio' on the website.

The barrister Neil Addison cited a case which went before the Canadian court this week calling for traditional Mormons to be allowed polygamy. He said the polygamists in this case were right to assert that if the historical definition of marriage as man plus woman is discriminatory, it must also be discriminatory to preclude polygamy and polyamory. (He has since blogged on the case here).

Addison said the result of introducing same-sex marriage would be the eventual abolition of marriage altogether, for if marriage can mean anything it can only mean nothing.

A briefing paper on the issue is currently being prepared.

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